Leading Students to Become Kingdom Workers

We believe in our mission

Our goal at Lincoln Christian Church is to partner with parents in their work of raising their teens to live life like Jesus. We are here to help you achieve that goal. We take that role very seriously and with humility. Parents are the real youth ministers of this church, because parents have more interaction and more of an impact in their teen's life and in the life of his or her friends than any paid pastor or volunteer does. Parents also are the main teacher and example of what a Christian looks like and lives like in the world. Our job to to help. 

We call our process of helping teenagers live like Christ, becoming Kingdom Workers. We all are on a journey. Our life with Christ is not a stationary life. We are constantly moving in some direction at various speeds. Christian Maturity is a life-long process. We never arrive as some destination in terms of our growth in Christ. God is always pulling us deeper into the life He created for us to live. We are always becoming something. Our hope is that we are becoming Kingdom Workers. 

A Kingdom Worker is someone who uses their gifts, talents, and passions to partner in God's redeeming work in the world. Put simply, its living like Jesus, everywhere! 

Everything we do is built on this idea. 

And we will share everything we do on this site for Parents and Students to be in the know and to help everyone on their journey of Kingdom Work.