The Gathering 

What is the Gathering?

Gathering (Life to Bible) – is a place for High School Students to try to make sense of their world with adults who love them deeply and want to invest in their lives. We want to help your High Schooler to become a critical thinker who can learn to discern the world around them. We want to prepare them for an amazing long life of living Jesus’ life as their own wherever they are. In order to do this, we talk about what High Schoolers experience day in and day out and then look to God’s word for direction and wisdom in how we should live. We work through topics such as: identity, sexuality, relationships, wise decision-making, developing an attitudes of a curious learner, and developing habits of a life-longer learner. 

When is The Gathering? 

The Gathering meets Sunday nights from 6:30-8:00 pm. Doors open at 6 pm. 

What is Post? 

Post is one night a month where students get to stay for an hour after the Gathering . We play 9-square, board games, ping pong, basketball, eat snacks, and hang out. For a full list dates, please see the calendar. 

How can I serve at The Gathering? 

To serve at The Gathering, please fill out the form below. We will be in contact with you shortly after filling out the form. 


What does a night at The Gathering look like?

6:00 - Food and Games

6:20 - Small Group 1 - time for students to talk about their lives with their leaders

6:40 - Welcome and Announcements

6:45 - LAB - an interactive teaching on the Bible for all students 

7:20 - Small Group 2 - students get a chance to process and apply what they learned with adult leaders

7:35 - Mystery Box - time to have some fun with a mystery activity!

7:50 - See ya next week!




High School Lessons

Every week after The Gathering, we post the Small Group questions that we used so that you can use them to discuss the week’s lesson with your Student. We are making this available for you for two reasons. The first is that we want you to know what we are teaching your Student, and secondly we know that, because you are the real youth ministers, what you teach your kid will stick with them more than what we teach them. We want to partner alongside of you as you teach your kids, and this is one way we can reach that goal.

In the summer, we will post the Bible Study lessons on this page as well.

(Adobe Reader needed to view lessons – Click here for a free download)

Fall Series - Mount Hope

Lesson Information

Week 1 - Blessed Hope

Week 2 - Hope to Bless

Week 3 - Hope of Righteousness

Week 4 - Hope of Reconciliation

Week 5 - Hope of Intimacy

Week 6 - Hope of Authenticity

Week 7 - Unconditional Hope

Week 8 - Silent Hope

Week 9 - Hope of Kingdom Eyes

Week 10 - Hope of Grace

Week 11 - Supplied Hope

Week 12 - Life of Hope